About Amoda Management

The success of the group is due to a Reliable, hardworking, young and dynamic professional team who has a practical hands-on approach with an aim to achieve the best results in coordination as a team.

The coherent team is able to collect and analyze information and quickly grasp to manage the group with the highest standards and with high motivation for future advancement.

The team has able guidance from experienced entrepreneural management with talent and innovation in the respective verticles of the business. This is the strength of the Amoda Group and the secret behind its success!!!

The Top Management Provides Imperative regulations to Group companies. The team Constitutes:

  • Mr.U.K.RAO


    Mr. U K Rao is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Amoda Group of companies, and has also been the Chairman of the Benita Industries Ltd, Benita Granites Ltd and Manna Warehouses Ltd. Mr. U K Rao holds Post Graduate degree in Business Administration and Finance having more than 14 years of experience in Operations of Various Mining Projects, integrated Steel Plants, Textiles, Construction and operations of Warehouses. He is also an active Business partner of Cellular products. His exceptional leadership is making Amoda Group a globally respected company and credited with transforming Amoda Group and its sister concerns into an Indian giant respected throughout the Country. He is a successful Industrialist with clear planning, Vision and Mission. He is acknowledged for well-defined understanding of the Business - Technology interface and capacity to identity and align clients’ Emerging Technology needs with products and services.



    Mr. T. Satish is a whole time director on the board of M/s Amoda Iron & Steel Ltd and he is actively associated with all the other companies of the Amoda Group, viz., Amoda Spintex Ltd, Benita Industries Ltd, Manna Ware houses Ltd, Pioneer Torsteel Mills Pvt Ltd, Benita Granites Ltd etc.. Mr. T. Satish is a Post Graduate in Civil Engg from Vikram University Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. He was a Senior Project Fellow, CSIR-National Environmental & Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur. Mr. Satish was recruited in the Union Public Service Commission in 1996 and he worked as an Assistant Environmental Engineer at Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi. He also holds an M.S. degree in Computer Sciences from Bradley University, Peoria, IL, USA in 1998. He has a successful and diverse background spanning technical, operational management, service delivery, product management and business development disciplines with expertise in engaging decision makers and devising winning sales strategies and solutions.

  • Mrs. U RAMA DEVI


    Mrs. U Rama Devi is a whole time director on the board of M/s Benita Industries Ltd and M/s Benita Granites Ltd. She is a graduate and having good business exposure of nearly 15 years. She is thoroughly engaged in Iron ore business since 1999 and started her business career with trading and marketing in that field. Besides mining of iron ore, she has entered to Granite business initially with trading activity. With this back ground and with inherent business spark that she has been possessing with a successful business career of more than 15 years, she has ventured into the Granite Business which involves raising of granite blocks and trading. She is acknowledged for her proven performance in mining as well as in trading. The Promising ethics and transparent communications underpin business - focused value propositions that leverage competitive advantage via her top quality service.



    Ch. Krishnamacharyulu, MBA. (Marketing & Finance) is a whole time marketing and finance Director with more than 24 years of experience in financial services and Marketing expertise across the spectrum. He is having exposure in the Steel Industry in different departments like Production, marketing, finance etc. He has been supporting the company in the areas of day to day financial and administrative activities. He is skilled in optimizing team dynamics, uniting diverse agendas to a common goal, and harnessing strategic and operational divers to deliver results.

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