Our Presence

Amoda Group is reputed as pioneer in Mining, Steel, Textiles, Granites and Warehousing industry and has been leading in India for several years  with accreditation standards. 

Our industrial units are further categorized into Amoda Iron & Steel Limited, Pioneer Torsteel Mills Pvt Ltd, Benita Industries Limited, Benita Granites Limited,  Amoda Spintex Limited and Manna Warehouses Limited with some subsidiaries. The growth and expansion of the business is a continuous process in the group with the clear vision of the Chairman and it depends on periodical evaluations, market trends and our performance standards. 

The standards set up by the Amoda Group, strengthened the company to excel in all the divisions. Our unlimited perusal efforts to keep growing made us to stand high always. The customers patronage and the reputed people’s encouragement has been the basis for the success of the Amoda Group apart from the bankers and the share holders which has also been the vital reason for the endurance that we believe in constantly. 




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